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A makeup love affair!
A makeup love affair!

My real love affair with makeup began when I started working for Kryolan.  Not only was I going to be surrounded by makeup all day but I also got to pour and make lipstick!!  (and you know how obsessed I am with lipstick and their smell)  imagine my delight when I had to melt huge chunks of it in a pot over a bunsen burner then pour it into a mould, wait for it to set and carefully place them into a lipstick container.   I also had to do this for TV stick foundation and supra colours.  I was in heaven !!!!  When I decided to open my own Studio I knew I had to stock Kryolan. I could not achieve the flawless foundation finish my clients so love without it! The intense pigment and colour pay off is second to none!  We stock all of Kryolans best sellers and some special effects products too.  Every Artist needs Kryolan in their kits!!

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