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Creating The Perfect Base for Makeup!
Creating The Perfect Base for Makeup!

The first step to achieving a flawless, long wearing foundation base is Primer!! Skip the moisturiser all together!!!  I can hear you thinking “what are they talking about??”   If it helps, think of your face as a canvas, the cleaner the canvas, the easier it is for the makeup to slide effortlessly onto your face and the less likely for it to become oily and move off!  Its the oil in moisturiser which breaks down foundation, hence why only after a few hours your foundation will start to move, shine and disappear!!  I can not stress more that you DO NOT need moisturiser under your foundation if you a wearing the CORRECT Primer!!!


Exfoliation is a vital step as it allows for the shedding of dead skin cells; this provides an opportunity for the new layer of fresh, plump skin to be revealed. An exfoliant that is great for all skin types is It’s All About Makeup’s “Exfoliating enzyme scrub”, which combines papaya enzymes and exfoliating beads to visibly improve the texture and radiance of skin. This allows for a fresh clean base for foundation to sit on.


Once your face is exfoliated and free of dead cells and oil and dirt, it is time to prime the skin. Primers are essential for creating an even application of foundation as well as aiding in longevity. Primers are often reactive to heat and therefore application with your fingertips works best, gently massaging the product into your skin. Whilst primer is an essential part of creating a flawless face, one primer does not fit all, which is why it is important that primer is chosen based on the individuals skin type. confused about which primer is best for you? stay with us for some product ideas!


Those who’s skin tends to be more on the oily side should opt for an oil free primer. We recommend Kryolan’s “perfect matt” which is a velvet soft gel that works to smooth our irregularities of the skin whilst diminishing signs of oiliness. This product serves as an outstanding base for various make-up preparations – and that greatly enhances the durability of the make-up applied.


Skin that is generally quite”normal” but may experience slight oiliness through the Nose or forehead is well suited to It’s All About Make-up’s “pore perfecting” primer. This product is an oil free product that helps smooth skin texture and reduce the look of pores and lines instantly.


Those with extremely dry skin need to apply a product that will protect and hydrate the skin. Its all About Makeup’s “retexturing” primer offers a weightless light reflecting serum, working to diminish skin imperfections whilst adding a youthful glow. Along with this, Retexturing primer contains UVA/UVB protection which guards against sun damage, allowing for skin to appear smoother whilst extending foundation wear.


Bodyography “veil foundation” primer 

Bodyography’s veil primer is suitable for all skin types (even sensitive skin!),  leaving a weightless feel on the skin. The inclusion of Dermaxyl offers anti ageing effects, meaning that the skin will be plumped by up to 40%.  This product focuses on aiding the evening of skin tone swell as ensuring the Extended wear of foundation.  If you are really oily or need foundation to stay put all day then I wouldn’t advise this primer (Pore Perfecting is much more effective)

Paintbox “Camera Ready” Primer

Paintbox’s Camera Ready primer is the perfect product to keep your makeup in place ALL day. The unique function of this primer is that it can be worn alone if desired, as it reduces the appearance of enlarged pores whilst leaving skin feeling divinely silky all day long.

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