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New Career as a Bridal Make-Up Artist
New Career as a Bridal Make-Up Artist

Interested in becoming a part of the exciting world of Make-Up? Have you always been intrigued with Make-up but never formely trained? Need a new hobby? Want to start a small business you can work your own hours and do something fun?? Then our 8 Week Make-Up Course is for you! Its great for anyone wanting to learn Make-Up Artistry and is a perfect stepping stone into the industry. Our class sizes are kept small, all products are provided and we take it step by step, each week covering a part of the face (spending detailed time covering eye shapes, liquid liner and different types of eye applications)

We also specialise in Bridal make-up and photographic make-up tecniques as this is an area of the industry that has the most demand. Doing Make-Up for Bridal parties can generate the most income as Bridal parties usually consist of 3-5 people. This is usually done at the Brides home early morning. The general cost per make-up is $60-$120 – So your average income for half a days work can be anything between $200-$600. The great thing with doing Bridal Make-Up is you are always guaranteed another booking to come from someone attending that Wedding! Your work will be on display (on your Brides face!) And another ‘Bride to be’ will see your work and want your number. This is how my Bridal business started. I did one wedding which turned into 2, then 4 then, 8 and so on, until I found myself booked almost every weekend with Brides. The only advertising I did was eventually on Facebook and Instagram, as I found I didn’t need to advertise as I always got a referal from a previous Bride.

Fast forward 25 years and 400 Brides later I have earned a generous income doing something I absolutely LOVE!! It took me a few years to build my make-up kit, but once I had enough of the essentials I was ready to earn some money.
You do need to keep in mind that you will need to replenish your kit from time to time and keep up to date with the latest colours and products, but other than that my return for investment was incredible.

So if becoming an Artist is something you have thought about contact our Studio for more information on our upcoming Course dates. If the passion is there the income follows. And remember any women getting married will always need a Make-Up Artist!!

Danni Licandro X

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