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Designed to achieve a smooth and flawless finish. This flat tappered brush made from high quality synthetic bristles, works brilliantly with any liquid or cream foundation

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01 Foundation Brush $25.00 $15.00 inc GST

Semi firm, long bristles for blending and applying eyeshadow

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02 White Fluffly Blender Brush $26.00 $15.00 inc GST

This soft, rounded head is the perfect brush for applying even, blended blush

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03 Blush Brush Black $29.00 $15.00 inc GST

Ultra soft, full and dense for dusting pressed or loose powder, made with high quality animal hair

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05 Large Powder Brush $39.00 $19.00 inc GST

This angled Blush brush offers precision application for conouring and highlighting

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07 Blush Brush Angle $29.00 $15.00 inc GST

Soft fluffy bristles designed to give a flawless, blended application

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09 Black Fluffy Blender Brush $26.00 $15.00 inc GST

Firm small head for detailed application

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12 Eyeshadow Brush $23.00 $15.00 inc GST

Artist quality 12 piece brush set.

Real hair Bristles



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12 Piece Brush Set $149.00 inc GST

Small firm bullet shaped head is designed for blending smaller area’s and can also be used for a precise solid application

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14 Bullet Brush $24.00 $15.00 inc GST

Firm Angle liner brush for creating precise lines and perfect brows

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17 Angle Liner Brush $23.00 inc GST