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The beginning of something amazing…
The beginning of something amazing…

My next love affair happened when I joined MAC!  Not only was I surrounded by an endless array of colour choice I was also surrounded by some of the most talented Artists I had ever seen!  This is where my skills and application technique did a complete 360.  I was like a sponge and soaked up every brush stroke, blending technique and colour combinations I could.  I began having clients request me to do their makeup for special events and weddings.  I worked on numerous fashion week shows and photo shoots, back stage at theatre and music productions……. I lived and breathed makeup for the next 5 years.  But as you know creative people can become bored easily and I began to feel it was time to move on, it was time to do it my way, it was time to get really creative………..this would be the beginning of something amazing….. IAAMU Studio!!

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